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Revitol Spot Gel


    • Anti-bacterial
    • Helps to rapidly reduces spots and blemishes
    • Soothes and heals the skin
    • Rapidly clears breakouts; maximum strength
    • Penetrates inside pores to unblock trapped dirt and oil
    • Oil-free; won't clog pores
    • Please read all label information on delivery


Ideal for treating acne spots directly. Provides the powerful benefits and ingredients of the Revitol Acne Treatment Solution in a clear gel form. This Fast-acting invisible gel quickly clears breakouts with a maximum strength treatment that rapidly clears breakouts. This clear gel works quickly by penetrating deep inside the pore to unblock trapped dirt and oil. Goes on clear. Oil-free. Maximum strength. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested.

Revitol Acne Spot Gel helps with:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Helps to rapidly reduces spots and blemishes
  • Soothes and heals the skin
  • Rapidly clears breakouts; maximum strength
  • Penetrates inside pores to unblock trapped dirt and oil
  • Oil-free; won't clog pores
  • Please read all label information on delivery

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Sitemap page 134

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